Why College Engagement Matters More Than Selectivity

Photo by  Eliott Reyna  on  Unsplash

As the mother of a senior in high school in the midst of the college application process, I can say that there is definitely an added stress in the home. The stress is at times very exciting - looking forward to his new adventure. And it can also be very overwhelming. So how do you decide where to apply and where to go? And do the rankings play a role in your decision?

According to a white paper published by Challenge Success, a research program at Stanford University, where you go means much less than how you engage in college. And, in the fifth episode of Parenting Beyond the Headlines, with my co-host, Sarah Cody, we look at the issue of college rankings. We welcome special guest, Denise Pope, Senior Lecturer in the School of Education at Stanford University, Co-Founder of Challenge Success, and author of Doing School and Miseducated Students.