Guiding Your Children with Lighthouse Parenting

Photo by  Thomas Grams  on  Unsplash

We’ve seen the introduction of a law to allow Free-Range parenting and we’ve seen parents accused of Helicopter parenting. And while we may find ourselves leaning one way or the other, many of us are just looking for that right balance. Rather than fall victim to labelling our parenting styles and habits, we should remind ourselves that it’s in our best interest and in our children’s best interest to keep the big picture in mind. What is the research on parenting practices?

Sarah Cody and I had the pleasure of talking with Ken Ginsburg, author of five award-winning parenting books, an Adolescent Health Specialist at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and Co-founder and Director of Programs of Center for Parent and Teen Communication about what he calls Lighthouse Parenting. He has looked at the research on parenting practices and distilled some very clear recommendations.

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