Talking About Body Image

body image.jpg

I am very excited to share the second episode of Parenting Beyond the Headlines - a new podcast I am hosting with my colleague, Sarah Cody. Our goal for this show is to help parents talk with their kids about what is going on in the news and how the things going on affect your family. In our work, we’ve seen families struggle with the question of how to process what’s going on in the news. What should we share with our kids and how do we talk about it? What’s too much exposure?

In this episode, we talk to special guest, Denise Barats, certified Life Coach for teen girls and Founder of A Teen Edge. We talk about the recent ban on the swimsuit portion of the Miss America pageant and how media impacts our own body image or our kids’ body image. How do we balance that? We address steps we can take to work with our children on body awareness and self-love.