Watching Television (and oh so much more) with Your Kids

Photo by  Thibault Penin  on  Unsplash

We’ve seen several shows recently come up that are geared toward kids, but parents worry that they might be inappropriate. 13 Reasons Why, in its second season, Stranger Things, and Insatiable are all geared toward adolescents but also have some mature themes and images. I’ve noticed personally that my kids are watching types of show I never had exposure to at their age - and they seem much more engaged.

On top of the content - our kids can access shows on so many more platforms than ever before - some with censorship, some without. It goes beyond what we let them watch - it’s what they find (recommended by the platform, what comes up in a search, or maybe what’s forwarded by a friend). We need to help them understand what they may come upon when we can’t be with them.

So, how much should we pay attention to ratings and what should we be watching with our kids? And how do we talk about the things we do watch? When we stumble on a term or scene they don’t understand - should you gloss over it or take this as an opportunity for a “teachable moment”? Sarah Cody and I had the pleasure of talking with Caroline Knorr, Senior Parenting Editor of Common Sense Media to get some answers and suggestions. Please listen to our latest episode of Parenting Beyond the Headlines. Let us know what you think of the show and if you have any ideas for future topics.