Supporting Kids with Phobias

It’s easy to say, “face your fear” but a fear can be truly paralyzing and kids can feel thrown into a situation that really sets them up for failure. Even just changing classes a few times a day can put undue pressure on some kids - so imagine facing public speaking, separation anxiety, discipline - if that’s your anxiety trigger - all the while maintaining your composure. And we don’t even always think about it in this context - some kids are even simply afraid to go to school. 

We hear about these challenges every day - from children being separated from their parents and being afraid to show up at school because they may be deported, to kids feeling anxious about a school shooting or even failing a class.

And then there are kids who are afraid of dogs, water, or bugs. These fears can be very difficult for families to deal with. So, how can we help our kids overcome them? Sarah Cody and I spoke with Brianna Benn-Mirandi, founder of Art and Soul Art Therapy on the latest episode of Parenting Beyond the Headlines.