Talking About Gaming Disorder

Here is the third episode of my new adventure, Parenting Beyond the Headlines - a podcast I am hosting with my colleague and friend, Sarah Cody. We are going deep into the headlines and talking with experts about current events, how they affect our families, and how to talk about them in a meaningful and family-friendly ways.

In this episode, we talk to special guest, Michael Robb, Senior Director of Research at Common Sense Media about the recent classification by the World Health Organization of “gaming disorder.” What is the disorder, how likely are kids to develop it, and what should we be looking for? Michael shares some great strategies.

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My Kids Are on the World Wide Web...Now What???

My Kids Are on the World Wide Web...Now What???

My teens begged for Instagram accounts. Then it was Facebook. And then Snapchat. And new apps continue to appear with great frequency. I resisted for quite some time. Isn’t a phone enough? I knew that once they signed up I would have to be super vigilant and get involved. It wasn’t that I was nervous about them entering the world of social media (I was, but the fear wasn’t stopping me), but I was not sure I had the bandwidth for one more thing. The edtech expert in me knows that in order to help kids develop a filter for right and wrong and appropriate and inappropriate, I would need to jump in with them.

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