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How To Talk To Your Kids About This Divisive Election
By Sarah Cody

November 5, 2016

Angry, divisive, frustrating — all words used to describe the presidential showdown between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. 

Parents are shaking their heads, saying: "What kind of world are our kids growing-up in?" and "What kind of example are candidates setting for our sons and daughters?"


Connect With Your Child During 'Back To School' Rush
By Sarah Cody

August 25, 2015

Sure, we've enjoyed lots of quality time with the kids this summer.  But, once school starts, the frenzy also begins.  Think: homework, soccer practice, piano lessons and chess club.  Never mind our own work schedules.  Dr. Amy Alamar, an author and educator in Avon, says: continue to carve out special time with your child.  It will pay-off in the future.


The Power of Positive Parenting

Millions of people watch parenting experts on TV, endure advice from a parade of well-meaning friends and families and diligently peruse popular writings from Dr. Spock to Dr. Seuss, all in a quest to be better parents. Yet most parents still struggle with fundamental questions and concerns.

To address a wide range of important parenting topics, there’s an unusual and insightful approach detailed in a new book for moms and dads entitled Parenting for the Genius: Developing Confidence in Your Parenting through Reflective Practice (For the Genius Press, 2014) by Parent Educator, Amy Alamar.