Workshops for Organizations & Businesses

Invite Amy to consult with your team. Research suggests that employer-provided support leads to less turnover, greater employee job satisfaction, and greater employee perception of control over work-life balance. Amy will work with your team to help bolster communication, collaboration, and innovation. By supporting your employees you will be helping them grow as professionals so they can approach their work with a fresh perspective and newly gained confidence to increase overall productivity.

Topics Include:

Developing Your Career through Reflective Practice

Research suggests that reflection on one’s own experience can help to support leadership skills. Reflective practice is a research-based educational concept that helps us access our own experience to maximize what we’re doing well and helps us hone our behavior in areas that are challenging. Learning to employ reflective practice on a regular basis facilitates better understanding of ourselves and others. It also allows us to be more conscious of our role in our professional setting and helps to inspire behavioral changes. The concept, while simple in theory, can still be challenging to learn and use effectively. Developing as a reflective practitioner will help you to improve communications and strengthen connections, while also developing personal, achievable goals, allowing you to develop a professional community around you and a career path you will be proud of. Through engaging discussion and interactive activities, this workshop will include practical strategies to use reflective practice to improve:

  • Using professional communication
  • Building collaboration with colleagues and your network
  • Recognizing and developing productive participation in professional situations

Turning Down the Noise So You Can Focus on the Balance of Life and Work

It’s easy to lose our focus when we are busy, but with a few simple tools taken from education research you can learn to make choices that allow you to be be the best you can be at work and with your kids. It’s not easy, but the trick to finding this elusive balance is to give up the teetering and tottering and lean in to the priority of the moment. Once you’ve taken the leap, you can then stop and reflect. If it’s not working, then change it and stop worrying about the balance. While we encourage our kids to learn from their mistakes, we often forget to take our own advice. In this session, we will employ reflective practice, a research-based educational concept, through hands-on exercises, using your own questions and examples, to learn how to use those experiences to build on your confidence for future decision-making. Specifically, we will explore how to:

  • Nurture communication and relationships,
  • Apply reflective practice to personal and professional situations
  • Prioritize goals, needs, and responsibilities