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Dr. Amy Alamar wants us all to talk to our children. She wants us to listen, and to demonstrate what having a good conversation looks like.

In her new book The Parenting Project: Build extraordinary relationships with your kids through daily conversation, Amy explains why good conversation can help pave the way to trust and openness.

She also explains why the term “age-appropriate” may differ from child to child. 

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Naturally Savvy Radio

With so much violence in the world and so much media coverage of that violence, how do you keep your children calm and help them develop a sense of well-being?

You want to protect kids and shelter them from harsh realities, but it's important to expose them to real world events to prepare them for the future. 

Amy Alamar, author of Parenting for the Genius: Developing Confidence in Your Parenting through Reflective Practice, suggests providing context and conversation around difficult issues and events. Let them know that they're safe and it's your job to keep them safe and healthy. 

A little bit of anxiety is good; it helps get them through the day. Fear and anxiety is actually an essential part of a child's development. 

Amy also advises incorporating reflective practice, which involves learning from mistakes and then doing something about it. 

Listen in as Amy joins hosts Andrea and Lisa to share tips for parenting in troubled times.

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WICH 1310 Personality Radio

Guest, Dr. Amy Alamar discusses the challenges of raising kids with technology and answers questions from the host and callers such as: 

  • The Digital Dilemma: are we missing our youth in this information age?

  • How do you raise a kid who can relate to others on a personal level?

  • Teens want their privacy, but do you scrutinize what they do online? How do we talk to our children about their online activity?

  • Do kids want to be more connected than ever because they are more disconnected because of their hectic schedules?


WATR 1320-AM News & Talk Radio

Amy Alamar, EdD discusses how parents can help reduce the noise of life and help their kids navigate the challenges of our time through Reflective Practice.


It's Your Health with Lisa Davis

Amy talks about her book, Parenting for the GENIUS: Developing Confidence in Your Parenting Through Reflective Practice


It's Your Health with Lisa Davis

In this episode of It's Your Health, Dr. Alamar discusses how parents can talk to their kids about violence in the media.