Dr. Amy Alamar was the presenter for our Middle School Parents Forum on Internet Safety. She did a fantastic job of delivering very sound and wise advice for parents on a very daunting topic. Her message is serious conveying to parents and caregivers that talking with your kids about what they post and what they view has a lasting impact and the importance of parent’s involvement. She is very effective at helping parents with easy to relate to examples. 

The Connecticut Youth Services Association is looking forward to her presenting to staff this October. She is a great resource!
— Suzi Alexe, LCSW Avon Youth Services Coordinator, Avon Public Schools

I consulted Dr. Alamar when I noticed my young son was exhibiting a new behavior. Dr. Alamar listened to my concerns very carefully. Together we spoke about my son’s usual moods and general good nature and what might be causing his new behavior. Together we came up with a hypothesis. Dr. Alamar asked me many good questions that allowed me to reflect on both my son’s personality and my own and our day to day activities. Without judgement, Dr. Alamar thoughtfully came up with some suggestions for me and my son and put us in a good direction. I am so thankful that I contacted her and wouldn’t hesitate to do so again.
— Parent, Mclean, Virginia

Through Amy’s presentations to both faculty and parents at ESPN KidCenter, I have come to understand how passionate she is about helping our children grow and develop. From finding a technique for teachers that works for each child, to making every moment teachable as a parent.  Amy’s knowledge of young children is vast and is portrayed during her presentations. Whether she is presenting to a group of 60 or of 10, Amy is able to draw each person in by making everything she is saying relatable. She takes the time to understand her audience and is able to answer all questions with a suggestion and a follow up. 

During Amy’s meeting with our staff, she helped them to understand the connection from home to school from the perspective of the parents. Teachers walked away with a new understanding of what families understand about the work we do, and the reasons they would need more support in certain topic areas. After Amy’s seminar with our families, many of those in attendance commented about how they really enjoyed going and would love to have her back for other seminars. One parent commented, “I came out of the Amy Alamar session really glad that I had gone — and particularly reflecting on her point that, even when we get stuff wrong with our kids, we can still learn plenty from that.” While another parent said “I greatly enjoyed her perspective and advice that was very practical and applicable. We successfully can put her advice into practice”. Amy gained the comfort of the audience by being personable and engaging the parents so that they could trust her suggestions.
— Ms. Morgan Stein, Education Coordinator ESPN KidsCenter, Bright Horizons Children's Centers

We hosted Dr. Alamar for a parent presentation to discuss the influence of social media on our middle school kids’ development. She did a fantastic job of presenting the research and introducing practical strategies in a very approachable manner. The response we’ve had from our parents has been overwhelming positive.
— Robyn Kessler, PTO Board Member, Avon Middle School