Workshops For Parents

Amy works with parents to share a practical approach to parenting kids with character that will help you be the parent you want to be, while riding the waves of the daily grind. These workshops are designed to support parents with everyday issues such as choices around child care, school, socializing, technology, and behavior, and with high-risk situations, such as substance abuse, depression, or anxiety. She further provides parents with resources to help build confidence in their parenting over time and to address immediate concerns when they arise. Workshops can run between 60 and 120 minutes and will offer research-based best practices. Workshops can be scheduled for small or large groups.

Topics Include:

Raising Kids with Character

Dr Amy Alamar will share a practical approach to parenting kids with character that will help you be the parent you want to be while riding the waves of the daily the grind. This interactive presentation will include strategies to:

  • Talk with your child
  • Nurture your child’s authentic self
  • Keep perspective as you embrace your daily parenting challenges

Parenting Digital Natives in the Information Age

This interactive presentation will address the use and over-use of technology used for homework, leisure and socializing and the challenges it presents to families. Dr. Alamar offers practical strategies parents and children can use to truly embrace this new digital frontier without fear and within reason. Included will be strategies to:

  • Teach your children digital citizenship
  • Develop an open conversation for the unpredictable
  • Help your child develop a strong moral filter
  • Support your child’s social life online and off

Supporting Your Child’s Education Without Managing It

What do parents need to know in order to nurture their kids’ education and how can they stay in the loop without interfering in the learning experience? This workshop will address strategies to:

  • Learn how to help without taking over
  • Understand your child’s progress and needs
  • Determine when to contact a teacher about your child’s challenges at school

Talking With Your Children: Conversation without Confrontation

Dr Amy Alamar leads this interactive workshop, which will include a conversation about parenting the independent, emerging adult while still nurturing the playful child. You will have the opportunity to explore and prepare for real-life situations. Specifically, we will address:

  • Initiating and maintaining an open dialogue
  • Developing an authentic and honest relationship with your child
  • Supporting your child’s social life
  • Broaching the difficult subjects

Approaching the College Conversation and Application Process

Applying to college is an important milestone for many children and one that parents need to participate in – but to what extent? It can be a tricky, and sometimes overwhelming, time with kids getting ready to leave home, perhaps for the first time. How do you prepare them and how do you prepare yourself? Topics addressed are:

  • Finding a good fit academically, socially, and emotionally
  • Supporting the application process without writing the essay
  • Handling rejection
  • Determining when college is not the next step